lunedì, agosto 23, 2010

issue while accessing with IPhone to the d-link dap 1160 access point

If you are facing issue trying to connect with your iphone to the secure wireless network supplied by the access point d-link dap 1160, maybe this link can help you:

Use: wp2, channel 6 and disable WMM from the advanced menu wireless.

In order to configure the access point type: from your browser. Connect network cable from your pc to the d-link access point.
If you don't remember the admin password just reset your access point from the back.
The default username for that access point is admin while the password is empty field.
If you are in a different subnet go to the TCP/IP properties of your windows network connection and be sure to have this settings:

  1. IP:

lunedì, marzo 01, 2010

HQL Date Comparison

It appeared rather complicated to perform a date comparison using HQL. The only way is to use the native functions provided by hibernate: day(), month(), year(), current_date().
Here the named query used in JUGEvents for the scheduler reminder:

query =
"from Participant p where = ? and (p.winner = null or p.winner = false)"),
@NamedQuery(name = "Participant.findParticipantsToBeReminded",
query = "from Participant p where p.confirmed = true and (p.cancelled is null or p.cancelled = false) "+
"and p.reminderEnabled = true and p.reminderSentDate is null and p.event.numOfDaysReminder >= 0 "+
"and (day(p.event.startDate) - day(current_date())) <= p.event.numOfDaysReminder "+
"and month(p.event.startDate) = month(current_date()) and year(p.event.startDate) = year(current_date()) "+
"and p.event.startDate >= current_date() order by")})