mercoledì, aprile 18, 2007

switching off apache web server and using tomcat

Here my notes about how switching off apache httpd web server of my virtual server on areaserver.com.
I don't know if this solution could be applied for different domain providers.

1) vi /etc/rc.conf
2) change the entry httpd_enable="YES" to httpd_enable="NO"
3) run command rebootvs

At this point you have disabled your apache web server httpd. Now you have to change the listening port of your tomcat.

1) cd /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/conf
2) chmod 777 server.xml
3) vi server.xml
4) search for listening port (usually is configured as 8180) and change the value to 8080.
5) save the changes and run command rebootvs.

At this point your apache tomcat is listening on port 8080 (and port 80...why?) on your virtual server.
Try to connect using http://mydomain/mywebapp.

I have applied this solution to my website, and now it works.
Many thanks to Giovanni Remigi (Ireland) for his tips.

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