venerdì, marzo 28, 2008

Do not make complex simple things

I can't say much more, just I was wondering why do people tend to complicate all the things that could be easily developed, why do I need a bus to go to work if I am alone in the bus, why do I need an expansive computer if I have only to use excel, and why do I need to define another language if I can use well known languages to do the same. So why I have to spend 1000 eur for a watch when I could spend 50 to achieve the same result, that is checking the time. Keep things easy and you would be loved, common patterns, common words. Ask yourself what are you going to produce, what the costumer wants and try to realize it as simple as you can, there is no way to invent things if they are already available, and most of them for free. Look at jugevents, it's one of the best web application in the world, and it works, it's easy to understand, and it uses common frameworks. I like working on it, just would like having more time to dedicate on it.

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