sabato, novembre 08, 2008

I love jugevents

Just to say that I am really lucky to be one of the developers of jugevents, according to me the best ever web application I have worked on. I mean, nothing special over there but all is rational, logic, simple.
Just an example, in development I need to test the functionality add new jugger but I don't want to send emails every time I test it, because I have previously test that service. Well, I only need to mock the dependency to the mail sender bean in this way

<bean id="mailSender" class="it.jugpadova.mock.ParancoeMockMailSender"/>

And it's done. Honestly think for a while about one of the crap application you are working on in your job. Could you easily mock the dependencies as easily as we do in jugevents? Well I think the answer is no.
I should dedicate more time in development jugevents as it's good for my education and even for my mood.

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